Friday, 10 June 2016

Take a hint

Some people read people really well …picking up on subtle cues, interpreting body language -social cognition. You can actually take a quiz to rate “ your emotional intelligence”, if you’re at home with nothing better to do  (perhaps, in itself, a sign of a social introvert?)
    Horses have developed a sophisticated social cognition system to read group members rank, sex, personality.  They “read horse” expertly and can learn to read people, if we give them a chance!
“Horses have a complex facial musculature, allowing them to convey more information through facial gestures than other animals, writes equine psychologist”. Dr. Antonia Henderson.  Horse communication is generally more understated than ours.
Signals, gestures and even abbreviated versions of gestures (which require less energy), are sent and read by herd buddies. 
“We are mostly vocal communicators – so it’s easy to clash with our horses.  We not only miss their cues, but communicate unintended signals such as moving abruptly or shouting unnecessarily, “ writes Dr Henderson.

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